If you work in manufacturing, warehousing, or shipping, you may have heard the term “dunnage” before. Dunnage refers to any materials that are used to protect and secure products during shipping or transportation. These materials can include anything from foam packaging to wooden pallets.

Dunnage serves an essential role in ensuring that products arrive at their destination undamaged. It can protect products from vibration, impact, and moisture during shipping, preventing costly damage or delays.

There are many different types of dunnage, each suited to different types of products and shipping methods. Foam packaging is commonly used to protect fragile items during transportation, while wooden pallets provide a sturdy base for heavy items during shipping.

Another popular type of dunnage is air pillows. These inflatable pillows are used to fill empty spaces in boxes or containers, preventing products from shifting during transportation. Air pillows are lightweight, easy to use, and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for many businesses.

In addition to protecting products, dunnage can also help businesses operate more efficiently. Properly designed dunnage solutions can help reduce packing times and increase shipping density, allowing businesses to ship more products in a single shipment.

Dunnage can also be environmentally friendly, as many materials used for dunnage, such as foam and cardboard, can be recycled or reused. This not only reduces waste but can also help businesses save money on packaging materials.

Dunnage is an essential component of shipping and transportation, providing protection for products and helping businesses operate more efficiently. There are many different types of dunnage available, each suited to different types of products and shipping methods. By choosing the right dunnage solutions, businesses can help ensure that their products arrive at their destination undamaged, while also reducing waste and saving money on packaging materials.

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